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Open Gaza


Open Gaza

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"Rather than rehearse the statistics and calamities that have marked the abundant coastal enclave for social death, Open Gaza, provocatively shows how Gaza continues to be a source of life in its ingenuity, love, and possibilities. Simultaneously, it makes clear that current conditions in Gaza are not inevitable but have been constructed, reproduced, and justified by lawmakers indentured by a political present.

From a journey through a network of tunnels, an alternative digital grid, agriculture zones, transportation routes that rehabilitate a fragmented Arab world, this collection of essays is a powerful retort to the tired discourse that has framed Gaza’s future as a security question contingent demilitarization and containment.

Open Gaza is an exciting invitation into new futures that Gaza and Palestine, more generally, offer for Palestinians and the world."

— Noura Erakat author of Justice for Some: Law and the Question of Palestine

Gaza is one of the most beleaguered environments on earth. Crammed into a space of 139 square miles (360 square kilometers), 1.8 million people live under siege. This volume brings together designers, environmentalists, planners, activists, and scholars to create hopeful interventions that imagine a better place for Gazans. It seems today that we’ve never been further from a durable peace for Gaza, which makes this volume — and every other assertion of Gaza’s humanity — all the more urgent.

See Open Gaza Project Page for Table of Contents.

UR13 Open Gaza is edited by Terreform. With contributions by Salem Al-Qudwa, Hadeel Assali, Tareq Baconi, Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman, M. Christine Boyer, Alberto Foyo and Postopia, Nasser Golzari and Yara Sharif, Denise Hoffman Brandt, Romi Khosla, Craig Konyk, Chris Mackey and Rafi Segal, Vyjayanthi Rao, Sara Roy, Royal College of Art, Mahdi Sabbagh and Meghan McAllister, Francesco Sebregondi, Deen Sharp, Malkit Shoshan, Bint al-Sirhid, Pietro Stefanini, Michael Sorkin, Helga Tawil-Souri, Omar Yousef, and Visualizing Palestine.

348 pages (ca), full color, softcover, 8” x 11”, printed in the United States, forthcoming 2019